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Howard has had a vibrant management and technical career leading multi-national
organizations through large-scale and challenging technology initiatives.

He is a technically sophisticated and business-savvy professional with a career reflecting strong leadership qualifications coupled with vision dedicated to the success of the enterprise. His skills include the deployment of key IS/IT technologies including system design and integration, client server networks, desktop and database management systems, help desk architecture and data center management.

Howard has a diverse industry experience in both the private and public sectors that includes chemicals, manufacturing, publishing, entertainment, communications, banking, pharmaceuticals, financial, real estate, associations, non-profits and even The United Nations.

He has several years experience with IBM, plus additional experience with other industry leaders such as Rhone-Poulenc NA Chemicals, Schering-Plough, BMW, First Manhattan Consulting, Time Warner, Merrill Lynch and others.

Howard's Consistent Track Record of Success in:

Strategic & Tactical Planning: Howard partners with all levels of people within an organization to design, plan and deploy complex technology initiatives, project implementation strategies, process development and refinement, organizational change management, communications, training programs, disaster recovery and business continuity programs.

Client Relations, Mediation & Consensus Building: He gains the customer’s confidence through extensive communication with multiple layers of end users, management and board directors. In this way, he learns customer's business, determines their true needs and demonstrates his passion for their success. The ultimate result is the creation of strong relationships throughout the organization.

Team Development &Training: Howard is an accomplished leader experienced in building motivated and productive cross-functional global information technology teams that can deliver multiple concurrent projects worldwide. He has proven his ability to drive focused teams to performance excellence within a rapidly changing industry.

Project Management: Howard has a superior record of delivering simultaneous large-scale, mission-critical projects on time and under budget consistent with company’s strategic plan. His extensive qualifications include all facets of project life-cycle management, from initial feasibility analysis and conceptual design through documentation, implementation, user training, quality review and enhancement.

Technology Initiatives: Howard is a creative problem solver who designs, develops and delivers cost-effective, high-performance technology solutions. He is an expert design and systems integrator with extensive experience building new systems, leading implementations and migrating information systems and applications.

Howard’s Personal Attributes

  • He is widely recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit, integrity and strong commitment to corporate stability through attention to critical systems and processes impacted by technology.
  • He has excellent collaboration and partnering skills among executives, senior- and mid-level managers, customers and end users.
  • His strong leadership philosophy is clearly dedicated to cross-functional problem solving with an eye toward the accomplishment of enterprise-wide goals.
  • He has strong troubleshooting capabilities and has the experience and ability to reshape infrastructures, overhaul outdated processes or procedures, as well as promote new programs and concepts.
  • He is well known as a reliable, hard-working and tenacious hands-on leader committed to getting the job done. He maintains focus on achieving bottom-line results while formulating and implementing advanced technology and business solutions to meet a diversity of needs.
  • He is a "natural born" problem solver who offers a very unique blend of technical expertise, business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit and tenaciousness while never forgetting the importance of collaboration and personal relationships.

Howard’s Career Track

Howard began his career as an entrepreneur promoting records for several major record labels. During this venture he quickly gravitated toward the technology aspects of the business. After attending night school for 18 months, he left the music industry and joined a systems integrator in New York City. There he progressed rapidly through a series of increasingly complex and large-scale projects with increased responsibilities.

From 1995 to 2014, he was a contractor/consultant for IBM and their clients, and was given full autonomy as project manager and director – a position rarely held by a contractor. IBM entrusted him to manage global initiatives for their major clients, and he consistently was recognized for his diplomacy and unique ability to collaborate across all lines of the organization to resolve technology implementation issues, as well as political and interpersonal conflicts.

Some of Howard's notable achievements include:

  • Successful execution of a $70 million North American Global Standardization Initiative for IBM’s customer, Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), comprised of 5 distinct corporations with 38 sites throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
  • Leading a critical Y2K migration initiative for one of IBM's customers with 13 locations throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.
  • Mediation of contractual technology support issues between Lucent and IBM.
  • Leading due diligence on over 6500 Lucent servers worldwide and proposed remediation, testing and contingency plans for global locations.
  • Management of numerous outsourcing transitions for IBM's customers.
  • Managed several Data Center consolidation projects
  • Creating from "scratch" a $13 million support solution consisting of all new staff, new Help Desk Team and new Desk Side Support Team.
  • Heading a $10M project that hardened IBM Headquarters Data Center to CA2 Level.
  • Designing & leading a $1M Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity project for IBM Treasury Operations.
  • Designed, deployed and managed $2M project delivering new server hardware, OS, Citrix and SAN solution for IBM Treasury Operations.
  • Merging numerous IBM acquisitions into the IBM Treasury infrastructure.
  • The migration of over 250 server "metal boxes" into a virtualized VMWare solution.


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