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 Detailed Career History

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North America Director of Service Delivery (2014 to present)
Oversee delivery of Information Technology services for Wolters Kluwer’s Global Business Services (GBS). GBS provides the single point of contact for all Information Technology solutions required by the individual Business Units within Wolters Kluwer. Manage multiple Service Provider relationships and performance to ensure the delivery of high quality services in a very complex environment supporting over 9,000 users in numerous locations.
   •   Support multiple Wolters Kluwer Business Units with each unit having its own management team.
   •   Each Business Unit has its own unique requirements for Service Provider solutions, priorities, demands and challenges.
   •   Maintain Service Provider Governance, KPI and SLA auditing, Steady State Support, Incident/Problem/Request and Change Management,        Service Desk, Deskside Support, Service Improvement Projects & Mobile Device support.
   •   Manage and continuously improve the relationships with these multiple Service Providers supporting the Wolters Kluwer Business Units.
   •   Align EMEA and APAC Service Delivery to meet North American standards and initiatives.
   •   Environment consists of 2,500+ servers utilizing multiple technologies across numerous data centers and vendors.
   •   Supervise 5 direct reports: Leading, mentoring, cross-team collaboration, fostering individual & team growth.
Markedly increased levels of customer satisfaction by focusing on responsiveness and demonstrating a true interest in their success.

Manager/Director Infrastructure, Server & End User Support Services, IBM Treasury Division (2002 to 2014)
Lead Infrastructure, Server and End User Support Services for IBM's Treasury Operations, a Vital Business Process that manages worldwide movement of over $3T in funds per year. Manage Trading Floor Support, Steady State Support, Problem and Change Management, Service Improvement Projects, Merger and Acquisition Projects and subsequent Transition Support involving desktops/laptops, applications, data centers, networking & servers.
   •   Support servers in six data centers (3 production, 3 Disaster Recovery) in the US, Canada and Ireland.
   •   Manage design and deployment of new applications and technologies.
   •   Manage relationships with vendors and shared IT Support services.
   •   Work closely with Risk Management to ensure compliance with SOX and other audit standards.
   •   Supervise 14 direct reports.
   •   Direct multiple cross functional global teams across diverse cultures for projects and end user support.
   •   Designed & led $1M Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity project.
   •   Led $10M project hardening IBM Headquarters Data Center.
   •   Led $2M project implementing new server hardware, OS, Citrix and SAN solution.
   •   Led $1.2M server virtualization project.
   •   Integrated functions from numerous mergers & acquisitions into IBM Treasury infrastructure.
   •   Maintained goal of 99.99% availability and ensure all agreed measurements are met or exceeded.
   •   Implemented ITIL and LEAN Strategies.
   •   Lead continual analysis of current operations, recommend solutions and improvements.
   •   Chair Root Cause Analysis, Problem Ticket and Change Control meetings.
   •   Support trading floors in multiple international locations.
Respected by management and end-users for dedication to, and responsibility for, the success of Treasury IT Operations.

Active Directory Project Lead / Design Architect (2001 to 2002)
Led Active Directory design for IBM’s customer, Astra Zeneca. Led a team of 4 designing a new Windows Active Directory solution to be deployed across 450 servers in multiple data centers throughout North America. Headed a team of 4 engineers.

North America Engagement and Transformation Manager (1998 to 2001)
Led North American Global Standardization Initiative project for IBM’s customer, Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) headquartered in the UK. Project involved five distinct US corporations, each having their own unique IT infrastructure. The first major challenge was to overcome steadfast resistance to the project from C-level executives on down to the desktop support staff at all five corporations. Overcame the massive resistance to the project by developing relationships and creating partnerships within each corporation.

Planned and coordinated all phases of this hardware, software and operating system standardization initiative with senior management teams at all 5 ICI corporations. Concurrently led 8 implementation teams consisting of up to 54 implementation engineers migrating existing Novell 3.x/4.x WAN and Windows 95 environment to an all Windows NT environment. Ultimately transformed 47 servers, 4000+ desktops and 2000+ laptops at 38 sites throughout US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Consolidated nine distinct Data Centers down to five Data Centers. Participated extensively in disaster recovery planning and testing for all five corporations.
Acknowledged and credited with significant impact on the success of this $70M initiative.

In a separate project for ICI, led a critical Y2K migration initiative for another ICI corporation with 13 locations throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.
Led this fast-paced initiative to successful completion one week ahead of schedule and within budget.

Year 2000 Project Manager (June 1998 to December 1998)

Mediated and resolved Y2K technology issues between Lucent Technologies and IBM due to souring of outsourcing relationship with IBM. Reported to Lucent’s VP of Year 2000 Program Office as well as IBM management. Developed a unified focus, recommended equitable financial solutions and served as mediator, liaison and advisor. Conducted due diligence on over 6500 servers worldwide and provided remediation, testing and contingency plans for all locations. Conducted analysis and provided recommendations concerning Lucent’s worldwide Y2K conversion.
Recognized by senior management for remaining “calm under fire” and negotiating mutually beneficial compromised solutions.

Year 2000 Project Architect, (February 1998 to June 1998)
After Rhone-Poulenc’s successful transition, returned to IBM for Janssen Y2K project. Led 8-person consulting team formed to evaluate all Information Technology Systems (hardware/software) and business processes for this international pharmaceutical company's manufacturing facilities in Puerto Rico. Conducted Business Process Validation interviews with all departments and sites. Recommended testing, remediation, and contingency plans.

Director of IT Support Migration
(June 1997 to February 1998)
Requested by Rhone-Poulenc’s CIO and IBM management to manage transition as Rhone-Poulenc terminated their technical support contract with IBM and brought entire IT Support Operation back in-house. Through mutual agreement between Rhone-Poulenc, IBM and myself, I temporarily left IBM and contracted directly to Rhone-Poulenc to manage this transition. This transition was made even more complicated due to an already in process project of a major hardware, software and desktop operating system standardization initiative. Managed design, creation and implementation of new Desktop Support and Help Desk Teams to support 3,000+ users across 47 sites nationwide. Selected and trained 27 person direct report team.
Accredited with maintaining high levels of system availability and end user support during tremendous change.

Transition Manager / Sr. Network Systems Engineer 
(October 1995 to June 1997)
Led IBM team to develop and lead resolution of Rhone-Poulenc's WAN problem. Resolved major WAN issues during extended mediations between Rhone-Poulenc, AT&T and IBM resulting in resolution of Rhone-Poulenc’s problem. Subsequently functioned as Data Center Manager of a $13M customer support operation. Coordinated and managed project delivery for multiple concurrent initiatives through a technical support team of 23 direct reports. 

Managed support of Rhone-Poulenc’s Novell NetWare and Microsoft NT environments, supporting over 3,000+ customers. Planned and implemented Rhone-Poulenc’s application rollouts and hardware upgrades. Integrated and coordinated work being implemented by AS/400, WAN/LAN teams with Rhone-Poulenc’s senior management.
Earned recognition from Rhone-Poulenc’s CIO for resolving complex technical issues and outstanding customer service.

Special Projects Engineer
(October 1994 to October 1995)
Oversaw network server operations and special project management efforts at $2.5B pharmaceutical company. Designed Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans. Supervised four project teams. Managed network operations supporting 1,500 users globally. Managed critical enterprise application and hardware upgrades and installation projects.
Acknowledged for developing creative solutions to problems and for continuously going “beyond the call of duty” in customer service.

Project Leader
(July 1994 to October 1994)
Pioneered state-of-the-art technology system enabling full motion video of aerial reconnaissance of Iraq that was stored on a SUN Station and then delivered to 21 individual NT workstations upon demand. Project Leader for a 5-member installation team working under heavy surveillance and mission-critical time frame. Installed/configured TRICORD Model 400 with Windows NT Server. Installed/configured 21 Dell Windows NT Workstations.

Completed the following numerous projects and concurrently managed ongoing support for several clients.

Project Leader (1993 to 1997)
Managed $1 million network installation project for a financial services firm through a team of nine technicians. Project goal was to build a network to accelerate data processing and analysis crucial to institution’s revenue stream. Performed research and conducted comprehensive disaster recovery planning and testing. Installed/configured new TRICORD Model 400 with NetWare4.x. Installed & configured new Compaq Proliant 4000 with Windows NT. Installed and configured 85 workstations. Conducted LAN Administration/Network Management training classes and user training classes. Provided ongoing customer support.

Project Lead (1993 to 1994)
Sole network technician managing design and implementation of test environment for the Ohio division. BMW required extensive testing of NetWare server mirroring software prior to formal implementation.

Network Team Lead
(1993 to 1994)
Led network initiative for this Fortune 500 company needing state-of-the-art technology systems for their New York World Trade Center Offices. Installed/configured Sanyo Icon MRX300 Disk Array to service 163 NetWare servers. Trained staff on hardware and provided on-going customer support.

Network Technician/Project Lead
(1993 to 1994)
Team Lead for this $400k network server upgrade for Time Warner’s massive IT department with hundreds of servers. Installed/configured new AST Manhattan SMP file server. Installed/configured NetWare v3.11 Operating System. Bridged new AST Server to existing 386 server.

Network Technician/Project Lead (1993 to 1994)
Negotiated and managed contract for this company publishing a monthly trade magazine. Planned, designed and implemented system on time and under budget. Installed/configured15 node Windows for Workgroups peer-to-peer network. Configured 5 printers as network printers. Conducted Windows For Workgroups training classes. Provided ongoing customer support.

Network Technician/Team Lead
(1993 to 1994)
Network team lead for a series of technology initiatives for this non-profit association. Instrumental in design, planning, purchasing and implementation of system supporting 40 end users. Installed/configured new Acer Frame file server. Installed/configured new Acer NetWare Asynchronous Communications Server (NACS). Installed/configured NetWare v3.11 and Saber Menu System on file server. Installed Gigatrend SL Turbo tape backup utilizing Arcserve. Converted and configured 40 existing stand-alone PCs to Ethernet LAN workstations. Conducted LAN Administration training classes. Provided ongoing customer support.

Project Lead
(1993 to 1995)
Sole technician managing project. Provided ongoing customer support through 1995. Installed and configured new NetWare 2.2 File Server. Later upgraded to NetWare 3.11. Conducted classes in LAN Administration. Provided ongoing customer support.

Network Technician/Project Lead (1993 to 1994)
Managed a series of technology initiatives supporting 30 end users in this real estate company. Installed/configured new NetWare 2.2 File Server from ground up. Later upgraded to NetWare 3.11. Installed/configured Windows 3.1 (entire Network was Windows3.1 based). Installed/configured 20 Dell PCs as Ethernet LAN workstations. Provided LAN Administrator training for senior staff members. Provided ongoing customer support.

Network Technician
(1993 to 1994)
Part of a team leading $300k network upgrade initiative. Assisted in hardware/software acquisition and supervision of 5 technicians. Completed project within time and budget guidelines. Installed/configured: New Compaq ProSignia file server, NetWare 3.11, NetWare for Macintosh and MAC Name Space, New Compaq ProSignia NetWare SAA Gateway (NetFlex & IBM Token), NetWare Asynchronous Communications Server (4 port WNIM), 75 new Compaq Ethernet Windows workstations. Installed/configured Rumba to connect to the AS400. Provided ongoing customer support.

Project Leader (1992 to 1994)
Project Leader for five-member technical team contracted to modernize network environment. Designed and implemented conversion of existing Arcnet LAN to Ethernet LAN and network expansion. Accepted request to remain on site for three months as acting Administrator of the 125-node LAN. Installed and configured new Acer Frame NetWare v3.11 file server. Installed and configured 44 new Acer workstations. Converted and configured 80 existing workstations from Arcnet to Ethernet. Conducted LAN Administration/Network Management training classes and user training classes. Provided ongoing customer support.

Network Technician/Project Lead
(1990 to1997)
Sole technician on project. Installed/configured new NetWare 2.2 File Server. Later upgraded to NetWare 3.11. Provided ongoing customer support for 50+ users.

Junior Network Associate, Advanced to Project Lead (1992 to 1994)
Launched technology career through Cole Systems Associates, a Systems Integrator in New York City. Training Program was to include 9-12 months in-house training work followed by customer on-site projects. However, after only three months of training, was assigned to install a network at Koll-Tishman Management Services followed by numerous other projects for a variety of clients.
Exceeded all previous billable hours in the history of Cole Systems.


Co-Owner/PC Technician/LAN Administrator
While in college co-launched a music business promoting records and videos for major record label companies including Capitol, Atlantic, EMI, A&M, and others.

Grew business venture and hired a staff of 6 managing 20-30 record contracts simultaneously. Due to an excellent track record of success, EMI Records moved Endless Music to the East Coast to be in close proximity to their New York City headquarters. Personally established and managed all reporting functions and automated information delivery systems. Installed/configured 10 node Ethernet LAN, 386 file server, NetWare 2.

Became enthralled with technology and after 18 months of night school, left the music industry to begin career in technology at Cole Systems Associates.


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